Attract Women With Self Confidence

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If you want to attract women, it’s less about what you say or do, it’s more about how you feel about yourself deep down inside. It’s all about the confidence you feel and project.

If you want to attract women to you, you need to work on loving yourself. Look at any truly successful pickup artist. He oozes healthy self-confidence. It’s not just about liking yourself, but actually loving yourself in a healthy way and knowing with every fiber of your being that you are a good person, worthy of love from others.

But How Do You Go About Gaining This Sort Of Self-Esteem?

This is especially hard for men who might have been raised in less than a supportive environment. None of us can control how our parents raised us or the environment we grew up in.

But we can control how we react to it as adults and what we do to heal any damage that was done.

I’m Talking About Therapy

In some cases, and in others, taking the time to figure out our issues and working on them all the time. I realize for some people this might involve daily self-care but remember it is always worth it.

It is worth all the time and energy we need to expend to learn to love ourselves because let’s face it – we only have on life to live.

You deserve to make it the best, most fulfilling life you can. You are worthy of love and goodness in life.

Apart from therapy that may be helpful in many instances, here are some other things you can do to improve your self-esteem, and ultimately know how to attract women:

• Engage in positive self-talk.

This means, conversely, eliminating negative self-talk. Any time you catch yourself saying out loud or in your head, anything derogatory about yourself, stop it and replace it with a catchphrase. Determine what that catchphrase is ahead of time. It might be something, such as “I am smart, capable, kind, and worthy of love.” Or whatever works for you. Replace negative talk with this phrase and also practice repeating it throughout your day. Words have power. Use them to your advantage.

• Make a list of areas you want to improve

Do an honest self-analysis and look at areas of your life and yourself you are unhappy with. They might be: overweight, spend too much time watching TV, socially awkward.

• Then make a plan to change those things.

For instance, you might decide to change your eating habits and exercise to combat excess weight. Or you might cut out television and instead pick up a hobby. If you feel socially awkward, join Toastmasters or brainstorm other ways to combat this.

An Honest Self-Assessment

These are just a few ways you can improve your self-esteem. If you do an honest self-assessment, you will probably be able to figure out other areas that hurt your self-confidence and then you can make a plan to overcome them. Remember, you are worthy of love and that you only have one life to live so start today.