A Young Woman’s Quest Towards Success and Happiness

She walks to the open door with a folder on the right hand and a hand bag on the left. She smiles as she approaches a woman seated nearest to the entrance. “I came here for the interview,” she says with a smile on her face. She was ushered to another room where the hiring process is being held. She enters the room with strong determination and hopes that she will end this day with the same smile.

Some people would say that you only need one second of insane courage to change your life. But for a young woman seeking for a job, it takes an hour of preparation. Thirty minutes to bath, five minutes to comb her hair, and twenty five minutes to choose the right clothes and put on her make up. That’s how she builds her confidence and how she hides her uneasiness about the day. Everybody gets nervous, but she knows that she can always maintain her composure with the right clothes and enough make up.

Walking on the streets, she might be wandering how it feels to be with someone who holds her hands and opens the door for her. But she would always believe that God is in control of everything, the right person will be knocking on her door on the right time. She smiles as she remembers how her mom would tell her stories about meeting her dad and surprisingly falling in love with him on that same moment.

There will be times when she will be needing company, a person to talk to during a rough day. But she always knows where to go. Her mother is always on her garden, watering the orchids on a cool afternoon. She would give her a hug and waits for her to ask about her day. She would tell her how the paper works almost made her brain malfunction and waits for her mother’s funny comment. And they would both end the day with so much laughter. She goes to bed with a light heart, forgetting how awful her day was.

It is never easy to be a woman and she knows that. But her faith makes her stronger everyday. Her constant communication with God is her source of wisdom. Praying is the most effective therapy when she becomes emotionally unstable. She becomes sensitive to other’s feelings and learns how to handle tough situations. She faces problems with grace and confidence because she knows that at the end of the day, God is there to comfort her.…

How To Attract Women By Being A Whiz With Words

Want to know how to attract women? It’s all about having a way with words. There are a few simple techniques that you can use to keep the conversation going and steer it in the direction you want it to go. Here are 4 strategies for being a conversational master.

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is really essential in how to attract women. It’s also contagious. If you’re not into what you’re doing or saying, there’s no reason why she’s going to be. You have to really get into the conversation and the things you say. This is also one way to keep things positive, which is really important.

Keep A Good Conversation Ratio

When you first approach a girl, the burden of keeping things rolling conversation-wise is on you. That means that you’re going to be talking about 75 percent of the time. Don’t expect her to start asking questions or volunteering information about herself at first. But most importantly, fill those awkward silences. They’re pick-up killers and women hate them.

How To Use Questions

You should use questions to keep the conversation going, but always have a goal in mind for them. In other words, each question should have a specific purpose in mind; for example, to lead into a new conversation or to glean information from her for a warm read. Questions can be extremely boring and they can actually kill a conversation if they don’t have an end goal in mind.

One good purpose for questions is to tease. For example, ask her what her name is, and whatever it is, tell her that your ex was named that and so she’s going to be trouble. You can use this device for anything. For example, where she comes from, if she’s from this type of family, what her job is; anything will do. Whatever information she gives you, tie it into your experience from the past and tell her it means you’re never going to date her.

Keep It Relaxed

Finally, keep things relaxed. Don’t get nervous. When there’s a silence, fill it with one of the techniques you’ve learned. Being relaxed is especially crucial during the approach because it’s when many of us get nervous, and it’s also where you make her first impression on her. Focus on your breathing and your body language.

Lots of guys feel like they’re just not good at conversation. The truth is that in learning how to attract women, any guy can learn how to be a witty conversationalist. These are just 4 ways it can be done.…